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A group of leading SEO consultants who specialise in Google search engine optimisation. Our SEO Company deal with the problem of internet marketing by offering multiple solutions for you to choose the most cost effective.

Search engine ranking has now become one of the most important factors in ecommerce and online presence. Paid inclusions have spiralled out of control and more and more companies are finding Google’s pay per click (PPC) solution too expensive. These companies are turning to search engine optimisation. Finding the right organic search engine optimisation company who only use ethical Internet Marketing Techniques can be a difficult task. We hope the information on this page helps you decide.

The most important search engine, on which every business wants to achieve page one is Google. Advertising on Google is a must. If you have no presence on Google then this is a goal you must set.

Google has a number of ways to display your business on the pages of their search engine.

Google pay per click, also known as PPC.

PPC require you to bid an agreed fee on a word you wish to be found under. For example, if I wished to appear under the word “Advertising” and I bid £1 a click (this is classed as the cost per click (CPC) rate) then for 100 visitors delivered to my website would have cost me £100.

There are other factors to be taken into consideration when setting up an Adword campaign on Google, which is why we have qualified Google Adword professionals available to discuss your PPC Management. If managed correctly your PPC budget could gain you a great return on investment. It would also give you brand awareness by association with targeted keywords.

Google local advertising.

Google maps allow businesses to be displayed at the top of the Organic listing or on the Google Maps page. The companies are chosen by location and service that you provide. This can be can be influenced by descriptions and reviews. We can create and launch your map listing within the hour. In some cases gain page one result upon launch.

Google shopping.

Products from your catalogue can be listed in Google shopping previously also known as Froogle but now as Google Base. These items (if correctly submitted) can be displayed in the organic results on Google.

The shopping results can also be attached to your Adword campaign, which will help improve conversions of your product. This is a great platform to be utilised and like all Google Advertising positions it also can be optimised.